Empowering 100+ clients. Advancing 25,000+ leading women around the world.
Building a Bench of Top Performers
“Through initiatives such as The Brand Leadership Institute, we are accelerating the advancement of women and diverse business leaders through tailored programs that help enable each individual to reach their full potential.”
Mike Mahoney
CEO, Boston Scientific Corporation

Accelerating Women of Color to the Next Level

“I’m incredibly proud that we have invested in a number of initiatives, including The Brand Leadership Institute, designed to elevate our pipeline of future-ready diverse leaders, and in particular female leaders of color…programs like The Brand Leadership Institute are critical to ensure our female leaders of color have the tools, networking opportunities and support to take on the challenges they face, while also empowering them to bring their authentic selves to work.”
Dave Fredrickson
Executive Vice President Oncology Business, AstraZeneca

Developing Managers Creates Powerful Change

“We started our journey with BLI before 2020, not knowing really how much we were going to need this program and how impactful and valuable it was going to be for the women in our organization.”
Dana Rixter
Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer,
BAE Systems
Whom is This For?

Maybe you are a CEO, Chief Talent Officer, Business  Unit Leader or DE&I Champion.
Your company is a Fortune 1000, or possibly a leader in your sector. You know the importance of building a high-performing culture, and future-ready leaders are essential to your organization’s success.

You want to be valued as an innovative leader in your profession, who can lead the transformation that your organization needs to compete. Your peers and CEO see this as a top priority, however, your team still hasn’t been able to identify a sustainable solution to the persistent turnover of mid-level talent. To reach your ESG commitments and to drive real transformation at the top of the organization, you need a stronger bench of leading women in your talent pipeline.

You are losing valuable talent, engagement is low and burnout is high. You are asking yourself, “How do we ensure HR is a strategic partner in addressing Leadership’s concerns over retention, and developing the next generation of top talent?”

Hear from Chief People Officer,
Elizabeth Adefioye, Emerson

You and your team spend a great deal of time assessing human capital strategy against emerging business needs while looking for clues in the data. This requires you to be agile, and examine if the programs in place are actually aligned with the outcomes needed to move the business forward.

You are stressed and perplexed. The rising inflation, labor shortages, supply chain issues and changing consumer behavior are all relevant issues with lasting impact on your business. The programs you have put in place before are not moving the needle. You are looking for innovative human capital solutions that can leverage the digital transformation of your organization at scale. However, you haven’t put your finger on it just yet. You think about solutions in the shower; you are reading all the books…

HR on Purpose:
Developing Deliberate People Passion
Bring Your
Human to Work
Belonging At Work:
Cultivate an Inclusive Organization

You know you are on the verge of a shift, but it will take a fresh approach. You are certain that once you solve this gap, you will be a catalyst to transform the organization and drive greater value.

If you want to learn about how other best-in-class talent leaders are shifting the paradigm post-COVID around readiness, retention, development and advancement for leading mid-career women, then this is for you.

According to a study by the National Women’s Law Center from 2021, women have faced the bulk of pandemic-related employment losses. Research shows that women in the United States have lost almost 5.4 million net employment since February 2020.

Two critical high-impact issues for CEOs and CHROs are attract and retain talent and develop “Next Gen” leaders, according to The Conference Board C-Suite Outlook 2022.

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On average, women attrition rates are 31% vs. 24% for men, and it only jumps higher as you move up the corporate ladder. By the time you actually reach the C-suite, women leave their jobs at over three times the rate of their male colleagues: 24% vs 7% – according to the Network of Executive Women.
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According to a survey by Seramount, 50% of multicultural women are considering leaving their companies within the next two years.

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According to a poll conducted by Inc.com; 62% of women worked for a corporation before establishing their own company.
0 /3
2/3 of women attribute their disenchantment to lack of sponsors, mentors and senior male support.
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Mckinsey states that executive teams that are racially diversified are 33% more likely to outperform their peers on profitability, and those with executive-level gender diversity worldwide had a 21% likelihood of outperforming their industry competitors.

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According to Qualtrics, 71% of women intended to stay with their employer in 2021. Looking to 2022, that’s dropped to 63%, the lowest among women or men at various levels.

So how do you solve the root issue to recruit, retain, ready and advance women leaders and the intersectionality of multicultural women leaders in particular, to bridge the gap?

The truth is that you CAN retain, develop and advance leaders if you understand your blind spots, and use the right methodology built for the modern workplace. Many talent and DE&I development programs focus on structural barriers, institutional bias and individual competencies to address the leadership gap with women. We identify these as the external barriers and social identity for women leaders. While important, these focal points alone fall short.


The missing link to advance women further and faster while building a culture of top performance is to address the hidden barriers of leadership, which we call the internal barriers: Clarity, Confidence, Competence and Connections. In our experience, these are often overlooked and under-recognized as contributing factors as to why women will choose to leave or stay within an organization when looking at their work and well-being holistically.

People leaders fail to solve this persistent issue because there is a blind spot in assessing and addressing the leadership gap with women in their organizations. The 4 Cs of Clarity, Confidence, Competence and Connections is a powerful insight to assess current programs focused on women development, retention and advancement.

Unfortunately far too many CHROs, Chief Talent Officers and Heads of Sales are not aware of this blind spot, thus miss the opportunity to get to the root cause to shape a sustainable new outcome. We have dedicated the last decade to solving this problem with a proven methodology and platform that has delivered breakthrough results.

Background Story
Before we get into the insights and outcomes, here is a quick background on our company and founder. For nearly 16 years, we have kept the mission at the forefront of all we do. Our purpose is to build next generation leaders who boldly create and sustain a career and life with purpose.

Our clients and sponsors are Fortune 500 and industry leading organizations who leverage our methodology as a competitive advantage for retention, development and advancement of future ready talent. Here are a few of the brands we been blessed to work with:
  • AstraZeneca
  • Boston Scientific Corporation
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Merck
  • The National Football League
  • Coca-Cola
  • Southern Company
  • Volkswagen Group of America
  • Lincoln Financial Group
  • Google
  • Home Depot
  • NCAA
  • Fidelity
  • BAE Systems
  • General Dynamics
  • National Basketball Association
  • Kraft Heinz
  • MolsonCoors
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Under Armor
  • UBS
  • LMI
  • Cox
  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • And many more!
We have worked with over 100 firms over the last 16 years, transforming more than 25,000 women leaders globally.

Our CEO, Melissa Dawn Simkins, also known as “The First Lady of Personal Branding” is a pioneer in personal brand leadership with a proven track record of advising Fortune 100 organizations, CEOs, C-suite executives and influencers. She is a sought after strategist on how to lead change in the face of adversity.

As a mother, wife and leader she deeply understands the challenge of burnout and overwhelm that can sidetrack so many women in their careers. As a classically trained marketer, she has worked for Procter & Gamble, Nationwide Insurance, Victoria’s Secret and Baxter Healthcare. She intimately understands the dynamics and the demands of the corporate world.

She looked everywhere for a viable solution, but couldn’t find one, and decided to solve the problem herself through developing a scalable, whole life leadership coaching community called The She-Suite Brand Leadership Institute (BLI) to support the sustainability of women leaders, as well as the transformation of company cultures.

For nearly a decade, The She-Suite has served more than 25,000 women around the world, in partnership with Fortune 100 clients like AstraZeneca, Boston Scientific and many more.

The BLI uniquely addresses the intersection of race and gender and has been a powerful solution for all women, multicultural women in particular, and is now scaling globally.

The work was birthed from her own experience and desire to reset the standard to define a new success paradigm called “whole life leadership” – focused on purpose-driven work and well-being for sustainability. Relevance and readiness are core to her approach as she gives insight around future-ready talent development, whole life leadership and brand leadership innovation.

She is the CEO of the Velvet Suite® (www.velvetsuite.com) an award-winning leadership innovation firm advancing the future of profit through people and the Founder of The She-Suite®, the female focused platform of Velvet Suite on a mission to break the outdated paradigm of work by empower working women to boldly design a career and life with purpose (theshesuite.com).

The She-Suite Brand Leadership Institute (BLI), is the only online leadership readiness platform community built to scale with proven results to ready, retain and advance all women and women of color who work for large enterprises.

She is also an investor and former contributor to Inc.com and has been a frequent guest on media outlets such as CNN, CNBC, HLN and more. She authored the book, Brand Me. Make Your Mark: The Ultimate Playbook for Personal Branding. As a sought-after keynote speaker on leadership innovation her methodology has been shared around the world.

How do you solve sustainability issues for all women and women of color in particular, to build your pipeline of future-ready leaders?
Democratize executive coaching at a global scale

The old way of 1-on-1 executive coaching is exclusive, slow and cost prohibitive, which results in linear leadership development. This is often isolated, lonely and left only for a few at the top. 

The new model requires a dynamic approach that builds momentum through scale. This means prioritizing both a digitally driven virtual experience, as well as curriculum focused on holistic leadership that drives change for the individual, team and enterprise.

This leads to the ability to ready and support the development of mid-level talent before you lose them. The premise here is to build your bench of top performers, sponsors, mentors and senior male support.

As stated by SHRM, Gloat, and Forbes, providing sponsors, mentors and senior male support to women leads to higher employee satisfaction and retention. Providing this multilayer support democratizes executive coaching and allows scale.

Companies who innovate will have a hybrid learning and development model that mirrors the workplace; giving employees the autonomy to take control of their own development experience, on their time.

Sharpen Career Path Clarity through Purpose

The old way to define career paths used to be training focused in individual assessments, skills and competency development for the role or function. This limited view of leadership develop misses the mark as self-management is the new future-ready competency that drives greater engagement, productivity and career sustainability for women in particular.

For women, the expectations both in and outside of the workplace are different, and as a result, women more often feel overwhelmed and overworked.

The great She-cession amplified what we already knew. Working women are twice as likely as their male counterparts to run the household, three times more likely to manage their children’s schedules, and eight times more likely to require time off to care for a sick child. They’re also three times as likely to volunteer for school or community activities.

The new model is to drive clarity around career and life, holistically driven by purpose, which results in better time management and alignment to priorities.

Career strategies are intertwined with life strategies to clarify purpose, align intention, streamline productivity, masterfully delegate and learn to draw necessary boundaries. This crucial side of leadership development for women is missed in the old paradigm.

Purpose-oriented employees are more likely to be promoted, more likely to be promoters of their employer’s brand, and more likely to be fulfilled by their work, leading to higher retention.

Develop manager's inclusive leadership competency to create culture change

In the old paradigm, leadership development started and stopped with the female leader. This myopic focus provided transactional development support for the employee, yet lacked sustainable impact. Why? Because the biggest challenge to retention is often the relationship with the manager.

A Udemy study found that nearly half of employees surveyed had quit because of a bad manager, and almost two-thirds believed their manager lacked proper managerial training.

Women of color are less likely to feel supported by managers than white women, and less likely to feel their skills are valued and leveraged by their employers, according to new research by nFormation and the Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative.

In the new way, we build a coaching culture based upon action and accountability, not just of women but also of their managers. Managers learn inclusive leadership not from a class or a workshop but from real, hands-on experience in partnership with their direct report. Through exercises, accountability sessions, and by meeting and discussing challenges with other managers, they’re empowered to build their own people through the leadership competency. This is how we turn individual development into cultural transformation.

Accelerate a roadmap to advance work and well-being
the 90-day way™
A study by Deliotte found that fifty-three percent of women reported stress levels higher than they were a year ago as mental health continues to decline and work-life balance becomes nonexistent. In the old paradigm career confidence comes from mastery of a current position. However, many women are still feeling a lack of career confidence because they question if they can sustain the pace and pressure of all the demands at work and home which too often lead to burnout. Thus job satisfaction has dropped so significantly that many women are considering leaving their roles – or the workforce all together. The new way is understanding that confidence comes from building a personalized blueprint to achieve goals and address gaps in work and well-being. The opportunity to turn this insight into a customized personal and professional strategy is executed through our 90-day personal brand action plan. In The Brand Leadership Institute, women leaders learn how to set and achieve clear goals toward productivity and purpose the 90-day way. This approach empowers women leaders to execute at a high level and see immediate impact based upon feedback and self reflection to define a course of action for work and well-being to mitigate burnout and accelerate productivity in 12 week sprints. As a result, 100% of managers noted measurable behavior changes in mindset, skillset and relationships from their direct report. Women graduates noted feeling more productive, purposeful and engaged in integrating their work and wellbeing with tangible outcomes.
Build future-ready organizational competence

Leadership competence is critical for the transformation of female leaders in terms of their long-term individual career.

The empirical basis of the above statement is predicated on the results of the longitudinal study where researchers repeatedly examined the same individuals / female leaders to detect any changes that might occur over a period of time.

The old way of building future-ready competence in female leaders involved a minimalist view of the competency, solely tied to the job skills and requirements, which ultimately led to leaders functioning in roles without context of how to lead with agility and resilience in an ever-changing world.

The new way is for women leaders to be taught the competence of future-ready leaders and the ability to adapt, think critically and navigate through times of uncertainty. This results in stronger leaders of teams, the ability to problem solve, and leverage their network to create change across the organization.

Many organizations are challenged to find these types of leaders, but women leaders who graduate from the BLI have breakthrough impacts in promotion, retention, purpose-driven leadership and relationships with their managers.

The organization must be ready to embrace these leaders, support their journey and build upon the positive momentum to create systemic cultural change.

Build safe connections through sisterhood

“Connections have been the single most critical thing for my career advancement.’’Kelly Watson, KPMG Partner and Board Member

Leadership is lonely, and women leaders who don’t build their support network experience greater feelings of isolation.

In the new way, connectedness is critical to confidence through an expanded network. We amplify your internal network through building a cross-company cohort model with alumni support and build bonds that support women through their career and life transitions. We also bring together like-minded women leaders from across different companies, industries and countries across the globe for peer mentoring and support. We build a “safe space” for truthful and transparent connections without fear of judgement by the employer. Together focusing on the hard work to re-work, re-charge and re-emerge; ready to accelerate performance on purpose.

Graduates of the BLI coined this the #BLIBond and forge relationships that last a lifetime.

In order to bridge the gap of readiness, retention and advancement of women leaders and increase performance while decreasing the cost of churn… it’s absolutely essential you take a fresh approach. It is time to democratize executive coaching, drive clarity around career paths, build confidence by aligning purpose, empower future-ready competence and safe connections.
What are your options?
Do it
You are smart and can do it yourself… but is it really worth it? You could provide PDP and career progression plans, hire HR help, and try to develop internal methodology which takes time and resources… and it may not even work. You could train people in-house, which will again take time, and can be a gamble.
Work with a
service provider
Most development programs only focus on structural barriers, institutional bias and individual competencies, making them inefficient and none-adaptive to the current environment. Many of existing programs are built in the old paradigm and don’t address those critical hidden barriers to leadership that persist in the readiness, retention and advancement of women in your organization.
Work with
The She-Suite Brand Leadership Institute
The BLI is the only democratized enterprise e-learning leadership readiness platform and community built to retain, ready and advance all women leaders that focuses on the 4 Cs, Clarity, Confidence, Competence, and Connections to bridge the gap. It will cost you a fraction of the price compared to building an internal development program.

If you are a CEO, Chief Talent Officer, Business Unit Leader or DE&I Champion but you still have not figured out how to address the persistent gap on your own and your current providers are not delivering a fresh solution, we would love to introduce you to our proven, tested and trusted approach.

Case studies
Boston Scientific
Astra Zeneca
BAE Systems
Benefits and Outcomes
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What you will see when you work with us:
  • You will greater engagement from women in their career with purpose
  • You will build a bench of top performers who next level ready
  • Performance acceleration from your graduates tied to measurable behavior change
  • A roadmap for your women leaders on how to navigate their work and well-being
  • 90-day personal brand action plan implemented tied to personal development plans linked to goals and gaps
  • Data-driven insight on how to address some of the gaps within your organization that could hinder talent advancement
  • Managers who have new inclusive leadership skills to develop their talent
  • Stronger manager and direct report working relationships
  • Increase retention rates with women and multicultural women
  • Demonstrate your commitment to diversity with tangible results
  • Rapidly scale a program that can have larger impact with ease
  • You will no longer be as concerned with the tightening job market and war on talent, because you will have a proven methodology that fortune 100 companies are already using
  • You will avoid poor quality work due to lack of leadership development
  • You will be able to optimize the hybrid work model and digital learning engagement for stronger performance
  • Save on travel related expenses for development
  • Develop new internal networks of support through our cross company cohort participants
  • You will build an attractive organizational culture
  • You will strengthen your pipeline
  • You will avoid burnout and the burnout of the organization
  • You will avoid making costly mistakes for the business
  • You will be able to meet performance expectations
  • You will be highly respected in the organization for making one of the best talent decisions
  • You will have higher job security for yourself and the leaders in your organization
  • You will ensure HR is perceived as being aligned with business needs and anticipates future challenges or opportunities
  • You will have the right team and aligned resources to meet the business talent needs
  • You will insure your commitment to diversity and mitigate the need for crisis management
  • You will be able to hit revenue due to talent retention
  • You will be able to re-skill and up-skill quickly and efficiently
  • You will be able to avoid the tension between continuing cost pressures in a downturn, and the need to deliver training to help workers adapt to changing organizations
  • You will be able to find time to achieve personal goals amidst professional priorities
  • You will make a meaningful impact on people’s lives
  • You will be recognized and respected in your profession
  • You will be able to build a legacy
  • You will become an invaluable partner to the CEO and leadership team as you deliver innovative talent solutions that focus on cultivating and retaining talent internally
  • You will be able to scale development through technology efficiently
  • You will be able to achieve gender parity in the most senior leadership levels of the company, and maintain a strong pipeline of women throughout the organization
  • You will build a culture of performance and inclusivity
  • You will create jobs that contribute to the environment
  • You will be able to create a culture where the people’s DNA is the same as the organization through greater alignment
Features of The Brand Leadership Institute

In the past, when you wanted to solve the leadership gap with women, you would have to do executive 1-on-1 coaching or host a series of development in person training days or attend a conference. Possibly, your organization due to COVID turned to creating a portal of virtual training videos to provide digital access to content without accountability. The old way is slow, exclusive, cost prohibitive and ineffective. But now, you can use The Brand Leadership Institute (BLI) the only enterprise e-learning readiness platform and community experience to democratize executive coaching globally with a proven methodology, community and accountability system for both women leaders and their managers. The six month experience delivers tangible outcomes including future-ready leadership competency to empower women with a roadmap to sustain their careers and obtain greater life clarity, mitigate burnout, build stronger connections within the organization and outside, strengthen the relationship with their manager and achieve greater advocacy and exposure for their contributions to the company.

Now, you can holistically drive clarity around career and life, led by purpose, which results in better time management and alignment to priorities.

Before, when you wanted to build confidence, you would focus only on knowing the position. But now, with the BLI we focus on helping leaders find, know and align their purpose to every aspect of their career and life with a planning system called the 90-day way to support accomplishing big goals in 12 week sprints.

The results are a new protype of leader ready to advance with out-of-comfort zone confidence, skills and frameworks to coach and lead others, future ready competence and productivity enhancements, an internal network of powerful connections and managers who are more competent and confident in developing diverse talent.

Here are the rest of the BLI features:
Feature 1
Flexible on demand, 24 weeks of world class personal brand leadership micro coaching curriculum
Feature 2
Access to a scalable and global e-learning SaaS curriculum and community platform to engage, retain and ready talent in a fresh way
Feature 3
Lifebook Workbook with more than 200 pages of exercises and done for you resources
Feature 4
Pre and post assessment data from managers and direct reports
Feature 5
Build your own cross-company cohort community and network
Feature 6
Join She-Suite Circles to engage with other company cohorts from different industries and geographies
Feature 7
Development of M.V.P. Statement (mission, vision, purpose + values)
Feature 8
Develop a 90-day Personal Brand Action Plan
Feature 9
Access global cohort women of leaders in a safe community
Feature 10
Alumni community access and programming upon graduation
Feature 11
Bimonthly progress reporting
Feature 12
Monthly live member masterclass
Feature 13
Two live manager only masterclasses
Feature 14
Monthly manager newsletter with coaching training videos
Feature 15
Member forums and discussions with all attendees
Feature 16
Bimonthly virtual coffee chats and coaching
Feature 17
BLI Success Guide coaching and support
Feature 18
Technology support for onboarding or other concerns
Feature 19
Accountability partner pairing
Feature 20
Company cohort leader development training
Feature 21
Company program manager training
Feature 22
Peer mentor access from alumni network
Feature 23
Discount offers to The She-Suite Summit
Feature 24
Leadership & Learning capstone presentation to senior leadership
Feature 25
Virtual Graduation Ceremony
In addition you get an agile, on-demand experience with more than 50 activation tools including career path statement, pre-and post-assessments, strategic alliance mapping, perception interviews, 90-day plans, manager and team toolkits, and more; all custom-designed for personal and team application, well beyond the BLI experience.
Please Note
On January 1, 2023, the BLI will take a price increase. We are growing in demand and in capacity. If you are interested in enrollment for 2023, you can receive the current pricing if you register for 2023 and confirm your engagement by Dec. 31, 2022.
Questions and Answers

The BLI is the first enterprise e-learning leadership readiness platform and community to ready, retain and advance all women and women of color in particular as well as their direct managers. This 24-week experience offers 12 courses and 12 weeks of action and accountability along with live monthly masterclass sessions, progress reporting, pre and post assessments, virtual bi-monthly coaching support, office hours, life book workbook, cohort community, accountability partner pairing as well as cross-company networking and so much more. We offer this experience as a multi-year cohort based virtual interactive experience uniquely bridges the intersection of race and gender with proven results to scale company-wide.

This program is focused on what we call the “vanishing middle management women” within your organization between 5 and 20 years of service people managers or individual contributors. This experience is for women you are looking to invest in to support their development, deepen their engagement and support their career trajectory within your organization. This program is for all women of all cultures and backgrounds.
Our SaaS based model encourages a minimum of 14-20 participants to enroll as your inaugural cohort. We have three enrollment opportunities each year for your company. Several of our clients will enroll up to 30 per enrollment window with multiple enrollments happening each year. Please reach out to schedule a demo to learn about the next enrollment opportunity for your organization.
The BLI partnership is an annual agreement. We have three enrollment windows and access to the learning and community platform is six months. However we take about 12 weeks to initially engage and we provide data driven feedback from our pre and post assessments to you at the end of your inaugural year. More than 90 percent of our inaugural cohorts will return for year two, three and beyond. We have special offers for multi year commitment. Book a demo call to discuss in more detail.
If your company has been facing leadership development and retention issues than this is for you. We partner with industry leading companies and Fortune 500 companies who are looking to build a sustainable pipeline of future-ready talent who happen to be women. Our partnership is designed for companies ready to address their blind spots to ready, retain and advance the best and brightest and to build a culture where women and managers drive next level performance.
The BLI is built on a model of personal brand leadership from the inside out. Our framework provides a proven model to empower women leaders to define their own Mission, Vision and Purpose aligned to their career path. We also develop them on 7 key competencies of future ready leaders. We provide a platform to build a safe supportive community within your organization, we provide a new productivity tool called the 90-day personal brand action plan of which every participant will activate against their goals and gaps. We also provide a framework to take action called: mindset, skill set and relationship. Finally, we provide real time tools and practical application to enhance the people leader competencies of managers.
We are proven, tested and trusted built on a modern approach of whole life leadership for women who are struggling with career sustainability. We built in the manager as partner which is essential for engagement and longevity of women in their careers. We provide and interactive leadership and learning journey powered by community with women from across your organization and across other companies as well. We are delivering breakthrough results with 40% promotion; 80% retention; 85% of managers stating this experience empowered their relationship and that they learned new skills. We are delivering a fresh and scalable model at a fraction of the investment of 1:1 executive coaching. Book a call to learn more.
  • Engagement – On average we have a 98% graduation rate of participants
  • Development – Participants develop new skills based upon our 4Cs
  • Readiness – Participants show great risk tolerance and move outside of comfort zones
  • Retention – Participants feel more committed and connected to the organization
  • Advocacy – Participants build a Board of Advisors to support their career journey
  • Community – Participants build community both within and outside of the organization
  • Manager Competency – Managers are partners and gain new practical skills in people development and inclusive leadership
  • Client Proof of Public Commitment – We provide a proven platform to help our clients show proof of their commitment to development DE&I
Enrollment is easy. First step is to book a call to receive a personalized demo of the platform experience. We then confirm the number of participants and your partnership level at three years, two years or one year. Once we have gone through the procurement and contract stage, we work with your team to execute our program kick-off timeline. We realize how busy you and your team are, thus we provide a timeline as well as templates and best practices for participant selection to guide you through your first cohort enrollment.
We provide a best practice toolkit to help you guide your selection process,criteria and enrollment of your inaugural cohort. Book a call and our team will consult with you on the best approach for your organization.
The power of building connections and community is fundamental to the BLI experience. Your company will have it’s own cohort of 14 – 20 in your inaugural engagement. Through the program other organizations will also have their own cohorts going through the BLI experience at the same time. Your cohort will benefit from not only building new relationships within your organization but will also build new relationships across companies, industries and geographies from our other enrolling companies during that same time.
Absolutely. We have a global presence in our existing cohorts and we continue to increase global participation in the Fall 2022. We have included a global supplement to address the unique perspectives of the global landscape where our clients do business. Our SaaS based model allows participants from any location to participate in the program as it makes sense for their schedule. Our virtual events are time zone friendly and always recorded for replay at a later date.
Turnover costs are high and employees have choices (especially the talent you most want to keep) The average cost to lose a mid-level employee is 150% of their salary; the cost to lose a senior-level employee is 400% of their salary. If you lose 4 mid-level employees, the expected cost is $480,000.
The curriculum, micro coaching and community forum are SaaS based and online to be done at the convenience of the participant. The community part of the program is virtual and live including cohort meet ups, conversations between managers and direct reports and monthly master class events
  • Spring (March)
  • Summer (June)
  • Fall (September)

The BLI has always been a virtual learning and community experience, even before the pandemic. What we find now more than ever, your employees are stretched thin for time. They are looking for self-directed, yet guided experiences that can enable them to take the learning journey at their convenience but also to build deeper and meaningful relationships with others on the same journey. Our instruction and experiential design is anchored on learning as well as community.

Dependent upon where the cohort members are from, sometimes there will be a face to face meeting over the six months. However, the cost savings to the company is significant without impacting the overall quality of the experience.

The BLI is built upon two foundational pillars curriculum and community. The curriculum is based upon our proprietary model of ID3 which focuses on leadership of self, team and the enterprise. THe BLI is broken into 12 courses with each course having two weeks: a learning week (including microcoaching videos between 9 -14 min long) a well as week two focused on Action and Accountability to challenge the participant to apply what she has learned in mindset, skill set or relationship. While the program is self directed, it is guided by weekly engagement and support, bimonthly reporting, live events, cohort meet-ups, accountability partners and anchored with our annual She-Suite Summit global virtual experience.
Observable behavioral changes in mindset, skillset and relationship at the participant level can be seen within 30 days of starting the course work.
The BLI is a B2B SaaS solution for large enterprises. Our typical client has 10,000+ employees so an investment in 20 is not a large commitment.
Participants that complete the program are considered graduates of the Brand Leadership Institute and become Alumni. Those that do not complete the program receive a certificate of participation
Life happens and on occasion participants withdrawl after the program starts. Depending on the circumstance there may be options to complete the program however no refunds (or credits) are issued once a participant starts the program
Reporting lines are often non-traditional and that’s OK! Having a direct line of support during the program is an important part in the journey for the participant, so we will work with you and each participant to identify the right resource to act as that support during the orientation and onboarding phase of the program.
Accountability is important. This is not a sign up and walk away program. The client is asked to provide a project leader who will act as the liason between your organization and our team during the entire engagement. We ask for executive level sponsorship and well as champions from both Talent Management/DEI and the Business.
The Brand Leadership Institute is the only whole life leadership sustainability platform built for scale to ready, retain and advance women leaders in partnership with their managers.
Men must play an active role in driving gender equality, from prioritizing access to systems and structures where women are not fully represented, to shifting stereotypical gender roles at home and in the workplace, to visibility and financially supporting programs like The She-Suite that equip future generations of women leading to maximize their success.”
Damon Jones
Chief Communications Officer, Procter & Gamble
The She-Suite led by Melissa Dawn Simkins has masterfully crafted a modern approach to address the persistent leadership gap with women leaders in the workplace with proven results. Their approach to close the talent gap for women is innovative, invaluable and unmatched.
Johnny C. Taylor, Jr.,
SHRM-SCP President & CEO, SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management)

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